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Arjun tells Maya that Ayan will be punished. This fight is not just Maya’s, but his as well.

Other hand, Saanjh asks Ayan whether he did anything. Ayan says no. Saanjh says she will win this case and asks Ayan to support her. Saanjh tells him if he didn’t do anything, then Maya won’t be able to prove anything medically. Maya only won’t give any test. They have to think what Maya’s excuse will be before she thinks.

Maya is brought to hospital. She is refusing for any test and hides behind Arjun. Doctor tells Arjun, usually such trauma happens in these cases. Rape attempt is so scary that she’s not able to come out of it. She’s not letting anyone touch her. These tests are important and must be done within 24 hours else they won’t be able to prove
anything in court. Arjun tells doctor he will talk to Maya. Doctor goes. Maya tells Arjun she wants to go home. Arjun calms her and asks can he touch? Maya allows. Arjun explains her that this is important.. if they don’t do this, their case will be weak. Ayan needs to be punished for what he’s done. Arjun says he is with her and nothing will happen. He hugs her and thinks Saanjh doesn’t understand this? Maya is so scared that she is not letting her husband touch her. He wishes she could see all this.

Saanjh is recalling past events, trying to understand Maya / her plans. She lists down obsessive wife, the boss from whom Arjun can’t run away even at house, there is no limit in what Maya does, even love. She lists down psycho. She asks why Arjun can’t see what the whole world sees.

Arjun brings Maya out of lab. Doctor takes Arjun to sign some papers and tells him to take care of Maya and not to leave her alone. Arjun gets a call from his lawyer who informs hearing is tomorrow. Arjun says their case must be very strong that Ayan can’t save from it. He must get punished for what he’s done, no matter even if he’s his brother. And case must be over as soon as possible, else Maya will get hurt from it.

Saanjh continues studying the case and says this time Maya won’t be able to save herself. Samay comes there and says case is on Ayan, not Maya. Saanjh says, but crime is committed by Maya. With Arjun, Ayan, everyone. To make Arjun hers, she has punished all of them. Her junoon, brain has no limit. Samay whispers Maya is not bound to any limit. Saanjh says what? Samay says he was just thinking whether he should trust his feelings or eyes. Saanjh says when Maya is involved, one shouldn’t even trust his self. This time Maya will be beaten on every step. She will prove all her proofs worthless. She won’t give any chance to Maya to run. Samay says, everyone will be scared in court seeing Saanjh, the lawyer. Saanjh tells him that he won’t come to court because he’s the only proof that could go against Ayan and she can’t take any chance. Samay agrees. Saanjh thanks him for his support. Samay says he has a bad habit.. once he decides to stand with someone, he doesn’t step back. He thinks of Maya while saying that. Saanjh hugs him.

Arjun, Maya arrive at the court. Media questions Arjun, he says no comments. Saanjh, her mum, Ayan’s mum arrive now. Saanjh steps out of car in confidence and glare at Maya-Arjun. Police bring Ayan. Media ask Saanjh why she thinks that her client is innocent. Saanjh says because he’s her client, and truth is on the side she is on. Media say, but this is a rape attempt case and a woman… Saanjh interrupts and says that is why it’s her duty to protect laws that are made for female protection and make sure no one takes advantage of those laws. Some women are such that they trap innocent guys in rape case for their advantage. It’s her duty to stop such women. Media now ask, in reality, is it like this fight is not for Ayan, but her love? She had an affair with Arjun, right? Saanjh says, yes, they were friends. But that won’t come in between her work ever. For some people, it’s all about winning and losing, but for her, it’s all about friendship and love. People can do anything to win, but she will only use true facts. Today she will prove that Maya is totally fake. Arjun gets angry, but Maya controls him. Saanjh goes inside. Others follow.

The hearing begins. Saanjh begins saying this is not a case, this is a game, started by Maya. Today she will prove that Maya is not a victim, but mastermind behind all this. She calls Arjun as first witness.

Saanjh asks Arjun when this incident took place, they were supposed to go to London, right? Arjun says, yes. Saanjh says, but in flight, it was only Maya. It was such an important trip and he wasn’t there, why? Arjun says he missed the flight. Saanjh asks what he was doing that he missed the flight? He says he forgot flight time. She says forgot intentionally? Isn’t it true that he wanted to be free from his wife? No answer.

She again asks what he was doing that he missed such an important flight. He says, he doesn’t remember. She says he was with his family whom he hadn’t seen since 3 years.. his family from whom his wife kept him away. He missed the flight intentionally. He says angrily, yes, he went to meet his family, his friend.. what wrong he did? She says he doesn’t do any mistake.. he’s forced to make mistakes (looking at Maya). She now asks whether his wife knew about this. He’s quiet. Saanjh says that means his wife didn’t know.

Next, she says his wife hadn’t been to office since 3 years and she just joined 3 days ago. What made him think that she’ll handle everything alone in London? He says, her name is Maya Malhotra, and reminds Saanjh of Maya’s achievements. She can handle any kind of situation. Saanjh says, then how come she didn’t handle this situation? Arjun shouts.. dusky. Saanjh shouts back.. Saanjh Mathur.

Episode ends.

Precap: Saanjh asks Arjun where he was when his wife was getting raped. Why he didn’t go to save her? Arjun is quiet.

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