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Amba jerks RV and asks which wife, she corrects him that Ishaani isn’t his wife. Ranveer says whatever she may be she is my wife, a part of my life. Kailash says to Ranveer that Ishaani is no more his wife, Amba takes him with her. She takes him to police station and tells him to ask the madam, so that he can see everything with his own eyes. Ranveer asks about the proof, Amba asks the lady inspector to read her that verdict. Kailash asks if she has gone insane. Amba says he is blind in Ishaani’s love, he needs this voltage get straight. The inspector plays Ishaani’s recording saying she wasn’t happy with Ranveer, she went to Chiraag and he said she should get a divorce from Ranveer and with the money of divorce they can move away. She did a drama of loving Ranveer to make a good image of herself, so that she may derive money from him. She was the one who put blame on his parents of beating her, to get her divorce case strong. Chiraag began suspecting her, he called Ranveer on highway and a fought with him. She went there to stop Chiraag, but they argued and she killed Chiraag. The inspector asks if Ranveer wants to hear more. He says yes. She plays the recording again. Ishaani said that in her marriage with Ranveer there was nothing like marriage, no relation as she never let Ranveer near her. Neither she loves him, nor did she let him close to him. Ranveer cries hearing this all, while Ishaani wept in her cellar. A neighbour prisoner asks why she is crying, she has heard that she killed the man she loved. Ishaani says she has really killed the person she loved, to give him life. She wants him to hate her, so that he can start a new life. This death was necessary for his future life.

Amba asks Ranveer to go home but he denies. He says I want a criminal lawyer, I want to win this case and get Ishaani freed. Amba gets worried but Ranveer stops her from any further talking. He tells his lawyer that he is a divorce lawyer and I need a criminal lawyer, bring the best criminal lawyer to win the case. To the lawyer, Ranveer says his divorce lawyer must have told him about this case. He asks the lawyer that he wants this woman out of this case. The lawyer says this isn’t possible because she herself has accepted her sin, all proofs are against her. Ranveer says he doesn’t need his verdict but his attempt, he isn’t concerned with what he does but he wants this case won; result that he wants and money that you as for. Ranveer comes to meet Ishaani, she turns away and wipes her tears. Ranveer asks that accepting her sin will get her the punishment, he won’t let this happen. He will take her out of here. She turns around and asks if he thinks he will owe her and get a place in her heart. It will be better that she get hanged, he says he won’t let her die. He has loved her since childhood and was looking for a reason to live in her after their marriage, she was playing with him for money but he will now end the game that she began. He won’t let her die, he says firmly, Yes! Miss Ishaani Parekh, you have to live without your love. Remember that Chiraag and regret what you have done, the one who she hated the most in world is still in front of her. She has killed him and he won’t let her die, her punishment is life where she will have to die daily. He leaves. Ishaani thinks that she wanted to see this hatred in his eyes. Her love has kept him in childhood but her hatred will let him move forward in life. She cries again.

The lawyer comes to Ishaani to meet her. She tells him firmly that she doesn’t want the judge to free her. The lawyer says her husband has appointed him to fight her case, he wants him to save her. She asks did she ask him what she wants. This is my life, and am the one who takes its decisions. She asks the inspector to take him as the meeting is over.

The lawyer was in RV’s study, he says in 25 years of his profession he hasn’t seen someone like her. She doesn’t want herself to be freed. Ranveer asks him to mind his language, she is still his wife.

The court summoned the case. The prosecutor tells the judge that she agrees herself that she has killed her lover Chiraag. Ishaani doesn’t want to defend her case, he requests the court to punish her today. The judge asks Ishaani if she has to say something or if she wants a defence lawyer as this is her constitutional right. Ishaani says she doesn’t want a lawyer, she is guilty and will accept any punishment the court gives her. The prosecutor lawyer says she isn’t ashamed of her crime, so she should he heavily punished. Ranveer’s defence lawyer comes to the court and says instead of punishment she should he given justice. He submits his case to the judge and tells him that Ishaani’s husband has appointed him as a lawyer, he is rightful for it even if she denies. The judge asks to proceed. The lawyer says he knows that his client has accepted her crime but it is important to know the reason behind it. Why does she wants a mistake. This hasn’t been proved if she really killed him or not. The proof’s that police got proves that she was there at the point of crime, but it doesn’t prove that she is the murderer. Does it prove anyway that it wasn’t an accident. He asks RV as witness to witness box. Both Ishaani and RV look at each other, Ishaani thinks he is making it so difficult for her.

The lawyer asks Ranveer when he knows Ishaani from. Ranveer says he knows Ishaani since 9 years of age. No one would know her better than him. The lawyer asks why she wants to take that murder on her head which he thinks she hasn’t done. Ranveer says he doesn’t understand this, Ishaani can’t kill an ant even, how will she kill a person. The lawyer says she says she killed Chiraag because she loved him. Ranveer says he doesn’t want to talk to his love matter in public, he would only say that Ishaani belongs to a respectable family and won’t do any such thing that will let her familys’s head down. The lawyer says no one better that husband can tell if his wife can kill someone or not. The prosecutor says that like a mother finds her son innocent, similarly every husband loves his wife and thinks her innocent. Ranveer’s lawyer says that it must be the case but not here. Here we are talking about Ishaani, Ishaani loved Chiraag Mehta a lot, she could die for him then why would she kill him. He says Ishaani has no criminal record, there must be a reason for her confession. Ishaani shouts them to shut it, she asks why is she being made a drama of, when she is confessing her crime why is everyone after proving her innocent. Falguni heard this case from outside the court.

Ishaani says her husband has a right over her. Doesn’t she know whose help she wants, and whose not. Everyone in the room knows if she is good or not. How can he guarantee that she is a good person. She agrees she was a good daughter and maybe she wouldn’t have hit anyone, but none is a born criminal. She loved Chiraag Mehta, and she couldn’t understand anything. She had gone crazy, couldn’t distinguish the right and the wrong. When love can teach dying, why can’t it teach killing. The man she wanted to live with is no more, she also wants to die now and they must have no problem with this. What will they do keeping her alive, to show to the world that one must kill whom he loves. She asks the judge to punish her, to show the world not to do so anymore. Falguni loses her control as she cries. Niti runs to her.

The court gives Ishaani the judgement. Here everyone was sure that Ishaani is innocent. But illegitimate relations and crimes for the greed of money can only ruin the society, so in this case punishment has to be given. The court accounts Ishaani guilty of Chiraag Mehta’s case and gives her death penalty. She should be hanged till death. Everyone is taken aback. Falguni cries outside the court. Ranveer gets saddened and disappointed. Ishaani cries and somewhat smiles looking at him. Ishaani is taken away by police. RV stands shocked and looks Ishaani being taken away. He slowly follows her. Ishaani sits in the van. Media go to RV and ask why he wants to save her even after her accusing him. He asks them if they ever loved anyone. If they loved anyone, then they would know who got death penalty and whose got punished for life. He looks Ishaani. She also looks at him and then Falguni. Falguni turns her face and cries. Ishaani says in her mind, she’s glad she was able to create hate in everyone’s heart, now that hatred will help her to go away from all. Ranveer and Ishaani look at each other. Tum Hi Ho plays… Ishaani remembers her dad’s words that one person’s love is enough for both. She says today she has crossed her limit. She’s welcomed her death to give a new life to her love. She turns her face and cries. Ranveer, other hand, thinks she took his life by doing this. He wonders what he didn’t do that Ishaani started hating him. Ishaani is finally taken away.


A function is going on. Ritiks is pregnant. She comes and episode ends

Ritika meets everyone, the women appreciated her dress and jewellery. Ritika tells the ladies that her husband has bought this jewellery. A lady asks Ritika which month is she expecting now, Ritika says it is her eighth. They all bless her, and asks for Ritika. She says he is busy in some work, may be coming soon. An old lady says she is really lucky to have him as wife. Ritika says she had to face a lot of problems before wedding. Sharman comes downstairs and looks for someone, then indulges in talking with some men. The ladies take Ritika to a table. The award ceremony formally begin. Sharman keeps searching through the tables.

The announcer say that firstly this award used to go to late Harshid Parekh, then it went to late Mr. Sanjeev Javeri and now it is going to a man who made his place in the business community in a very less time. Ritika looks behind but a waiter blocks her way from Sharman. He invites the entrepreneur of the year, Mr. RV Vaghela. RV comes downstairs. Ritika cheers looking at him. RV comes to stage to receive the award. Ritika happily cheers and claps. He is invited for a speech. RV says what he may say about him, he thanks his Gunjrati community to be able to connect his name with Mr. Parekh and Mr. Javeri. He asks has anyone seen working alone, living alone, has anyone seen a person smiling as if he has got the company of his beloved, everyone says his hardwork brought him to a place, but there is a source that gives him wish to work hard. It comes from a woman, either a daughter, mother or wife. He says he is successful because of his wife, he can see love in her fight and quarrels. We fight daily because we know the one fighting will also come to make your mind up, to hold me up; so the one truly deserving this award is my wife. He comes down the stage and gives hand to Ritika. He says thanks for supporting me, and being with me always. He helps Ritika walk up to stage. Sharman watches this all curtly. RV brings Ritika to stage and says the whole night would spend if he begins saying anything about her. He prays they keep on fighting like this, because it will increase their love only.

RV dedicates his award to his wife and gives it to Ritika. Sharman leaves upstairs and comes across a person. He asks where he is. Sharman says he isn’t in Bombay right now, he has come for a job as a legal advisor. His friend says after than incident with the girl, he might not get a job here now. He invites him to his office and takes a leave.

RV and Ritika talked to the guests, one of them ask RV why they fight with each other when they have so much love. RV says she is the home minister and I am the finance minister and both can’t go along without fights. He says if one has to stay quiet if to be in a good relation. Ritika says one must also talk sometimes. Both talked cheesily about each other. Ritika calls him as her diamond. RV says it is time for her rest, and helps her to the car.

In the car, Ritika smiles at him while there is a prevalent silence. Ritika says congrats, he deserved this award and I am happy for you. RV plays the song… Hum tere bin… He shuts the music off, and drives the car home.

At home, Amba asks them to stop at the door and says she knew her son would win the award. Lakshmi tells them Amba had already get the thaal ready. Amba boasts that one day all the awards would be her son’s. RV toucher her feet, she blesses RV and says since RItika has come in his life he has started to touch new heights of success. Kailash also cheers and says he knew his son would win this award. He jokes that they must get a separate award for RV’s awards. RV goes to take rest, while Amba makes Ritika sit and asks how was the function. Ritika says everyone appreciated Ranveer. Amba says she is behind this all. Ritika says their blessings also matter a lot. Amba asks Ritika to rest.

In the bedroom, Ritika comes changed and sits in front of mirror. RV was working on his laptop. RItika thinks RV is right, we never have an argument because we never talk, he is always busy in work. She goes to keep her jewellery, and remembers about all what she had said in the function. She thinks everyone thinks she is so lucky, but she is the only one who knows RV brings gifts but doesn’t put them on her. She gets to bed and ask if he will off his side’s light later. He says he is busy, and will sleep after finishing it up. She lay down saying good night. RV finishes up, picks the award up. He comes to his study, opens up a showcase with awards in it and keeps it there. He was about to leave, then goes back and opens a drawer. There was Ishaani’s photo, he clutches his jaws and comes back to his room. Ritika was asleep, RV get to bed and think that you will be hanged in a few days, but you will still be there. He looks at Ritika and thinks we share this room but there is someone who doesn’t want us to be one; that is you Ishaani. He hopes she would go away from his thoughts and mind when she has gone from the world.

PRECAP: RV was changing, Ritika says this is a big case, though her friend Shekhar Mehta is fighting it for him. RV says he isn’t bothered by losing or going to jail, though he has hired the best lawyer. RItika asks isn’t he afraid of going to jail, it feels he himself wants to go to

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